We usually don’t get any snow in December, but this year, it would appear that it isn’t true anymore. Last weekend we had a batch of beautiful snow and this weekend we had this year’s first snowstorm. It wasn’t too bad, but we are doing a group project at school and my group had agreed to meet on Sunday, but we had to cancel because we couldn’t get around.

When I woke up at eight on Sunday, there was no snow, but when I came back from the bathroom it had started snowing. It wasn’t long until the streets were covered. At about three p.m. it had stopped snowing so I decided to go shopping.

I took the train to Fisketorvet and when I got back out it had started snowing again. While I was waiting on the train the lady in the speakers kept telling people to remove the snow from their shoes before entering the train. There was just one problem; the platform was covered in snow so there wasn’t really any place to do that.


When I got back home a taxi had decided to park on the pavement. I know it was completely covered in snow, but still.


We got about 20 cm of snow between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. so it wasn’t too bad.

2012-12-10 08.33.50


2012-12-02 15.07.54

Tonight was the first winter snow, I am so excited. I love snow, it makes even a cloudy day bright. I always get so happy when I wake up and see snow outside.

Of course I had to go for a walk.

Blog 02.12

I walked across Vestre kirkegård and over the bridge to Carlsberg. The bridge is usually very slippery when it is wet, but this year, they have put down some sort of carpet so it isn’t slippery at all. I can’t imagine it being good for the wood, but at least I won’t be on my elbows this year.

2012-12-02 14.57.33

I crossed Søndermarken, there is always so many children because there is a hill for sledding.

2012-12-02 14.58.39

I went down Vestrebrogade to Enghavevej and took the bus home. I planned on walking home, but it started snowing pretty heavy.

2012-12-02 14.57.57