My name is Heidi,

I’m 23 and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.


When I started this blog it was 2009 and I was at University, studying archaeology, I was still living at home and I had decided that I loved fashion.

It’s not 2009 anymore, I’m not at University anymore, though I’m still studying, I don’t live at home and I’m really not that into fashion.

From now on this blog will be about my life, current obsessions, recent events and so on..

I will establish a few rules (mostly for me, but to some extent also the readers):

  • I will not talk about my work, I can tell you that I work part-time for an international company as an office assistant, and that’s about it. I will not talk about situations at work, I will not reveal which industry and I will not tell you how I feel about my work.
  • I will not reveal which school I go to, what I am studying or what I want to be. I have a BA in Archaeology, but I decided to completely change path, and I am now going to business school (I’m not telling which).
  • I will share personal stories, everyday photos and photos of friends and family.
  • I will answer questions about why I decided to change my educational path, how I felt about it and how I told my family.

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