I won’t have much time for blogging the next couple of weeks, but hopefully I’ll be back in the beginning of August.


Glædelig 1. December (title in Danish), and remember the rubber 🙂

World AIDS day and Christmas should make you think about other people than yourself (if you don’t do that all year 😉 )

Read this article on the Huffington Post and see Twitter, Facebook and Google turning RED. You can even turn your own Facebook RED.

You can help raise awareness or just get facts for yourself. Parents, please tell your children, and children, please listen for once; it could save not only your life but also protect your loved onces from a lot of pain.

To get back to Christmas, I thought I’d share a song with you. It’s one of my favorite Christmas songs, it’s made by Danish artists, a long time ago, but it is in english.

I know I haven’t posted much in the last couple of days or so, but I have this presentation at school tomorrow and it has taken up a lot of my time, I’m sorry about that. I will try to update a lot before I go visit my grandparents on friday, I’m gonna stay with them until next Saturday and I think that I have mentioned this before, but the internet connection I use when I stay with them is not that good, as I kind of “borrow” it from the next door neighbor. Anyways I’m really looking forward to a vacation, after that school should be fairly easy as I only have one class then instead of two like I have now.

I have been watching the Hills while preparing for the presentation, I have never watched it before so I just started from one end, with season one, and now I am at the beginning of season 3, OMG ! I really hate Spencer, he’s the type of guy that your parents warn you against “Don’t let that girl come between us”, wtf? how about you stop fooling around? and Heidi? How about you start realizing that Spencer’s a jerk? (I know she isn’t going to, but still).

Remember that tonight is another episode of the big bang theory, but since it is currently 23.29 in Denmark, I won’t be able to watch that episode until tomorrow 😥 – Don’t tell me anything 🙂

That looks so nice, but I don’t have time to sleep now, I have to go to school.

I just looked at the new collections  from Luella and Christopher Kane and I must say that I love it. Luella has these cute dresses with cut-out hearts and Christopher Kane is checkered fabrics, which I know sounds like crap, but it is really good.

I will do a collage when I get home. Hmm… considering skipping class to stay home and read (and make collage), I think I will do that instead.

Photo : ? (If you know where it is originally from, please let me know, so I can credit)


Hey, Jeg ville bare lige sige at jeg nok ikke kommer til at uploade noget de næste par dage, da jeg skal til Ringsted Festival, men søndag eller mandag vil der være flere billeder fra CFW og forhåbentlig vil jeg have et par artikler klar i slutningen af næste uge (jeg rejser et smut til Vejle på mandag, og internettet er ikke så stabilt der hvor jeg skal bo så jeg tør love noget før søndag eller mandag)

Hey I just wanted to let you guys know that I can’t upload anything the next few days since I’m attending a music festival, but Sunday or Monday I will be back with more photographs of my favourites from CFW. I will also, hopefully, have a couple of articles ready by the end of next week (I leaving again on Monday to visit some family, and the internet isn’t very stabile where I’m gonna stay, so I can’t upload until I get back next Sunday).

Photo: Private (no need to ask for permission to use, but give credit, and also I would really like to see where you use it 🙂 )