I’ve been considering getting a tattoo for a couple of years now. I have four ideas for tattoos I want, but one is really big and should probably not be the first tattoo I get, and the other is a hand tattoo I want to get when I become a mother. Then there are two others, but one is on the back of my neck and the other one is on my forearm, so I wanna be 100% certain I’m ready for it.

I also have an idea of getting a whale, but I don’t know where, maybe on my thigh? Until I decide I can look at photos of wonderful tattoos.

Source: Unknown (Let me know if you recognize any, so I can credit)

No? Well I think you should, their second album came out today, and you can listen to the intire album over at Pitchfork and read an interesting interview with the lead singer Dee Dee.

It should be no secret that I love indie rock and most genres related, sometimes however I think it gets a bit boring, but I think the varied numbers on this album keeps it really interesting.