Monthly Archives: January 2012

Man On a Ledge (January 27th)

It’s been getting fairly bad reviews so far, so I’m most likely going to be disappointed with it, but it hasn’t discouraged me yet. If nothing else I’ll just waste an hour or two looking at Sam Worthington I’m fine with that.


The Grey (January 27th)

This movie has Liam Neeson, need I say more?


The Woman in Black (February 3rd)

To be honest I’ve never been a fan of Daniel Radcliffe, I actually find most of his interviews somewhat annoying, but I love both horror movies and period dramas, so I’ll give him another chance.


Safe House (February 10th)

With Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, I dare you to give me an acceptable reason not to love this movie.


Gone (February 24th)

I like Amanda Seyfried’s face. There is nothing else to say.


I guess it is pretty clear that I like to be on the edge of my seat while watching movies. I do love comedies too, but I never really anticipate their release, I usually watch them no earlier than six months after their initial release. There is so many of them, and unfortunately a lot of really bad ones too, so I always read reviews and blog posts before deciding which to watch. This does not apply to British comedies.

I’ve been hanging out on tumblr a lot lately, and there are currently two major challenges going around, the first is to watch 500 episodes (TV series) during 2012 and the other is to watch 365 movies in a year, without rewatches, I must admit that the first challenge is no problem for me at all, I’ve been keeping track of every new episode I’ve watched this year, and I’m already on 73, that’s without trying. If I keep up this pace I will end up with over 900 episodes by the end of this year.

However, the movie challenge is actually difficult for me, because of the length of a feature film and the commitment that brings, I need to be in a certain mood to sit down and watch an entire movie. so far I’ve watched 5 new movies, so I’ve decided that a goal of 100 movies will do for me, there is no reason to set a goal which I know for sure I cannot reach.

But how many movies do other people watch in a year? How many movies do you watch in a year?

Okay, so I am currently waiting for the grade from my hopefully last exam, I’ve been waiting for more than a month now, so to be honest I don’t really care anymore. I need a break whether I pass or fail I am not going to spent the next six to eighteen months at college. Even with the extra hours I got offered at work (thank you for that, unnamed employer, I am ever so grateful for the extra money), I have a lot of time on my hands compared to my situation before Christmas.

Unfortunately I’ve always been excited about learning, so now that I have a lot of time on my hands I seem to be finding new things I want to learn about every hour. It is both amazing and frustrating, I cannot choose what to dig into first. I’ve come to a point where I am in all seriousness considering creating “classes” for myself, like high school, so I can study more than one thing at a time. However one thing I am dedicated to studying is Josh Dallas’ face. I will figure out a system, at some time, probably just before I decide to start my Master degree, I’m great with timing.

Here is an illustration of some of the useless prettyness I wanna pin on the inside of my skull.

I am afraid I don’t know exactly where this awesome bookscan comes from, I found it on tumblr, and after backtracking through what seems like a million pages I ended up on weheartit. So dear FBI I’m sure you can tell me who holds the copyright for this, might there be a chance you could give me a hint preferably before arresting me?