Monthly Archives: August 2010

As I mentioned before I prefer colour especially in Spring and Summer so I wasn’t really in love with the BZR show, and I only liked four looks. While I dislike the colours I do like the idea of light layers. I also liked the models’ hair.


I liked almost everything about this show, except the velour (but that’s because I hate velour). My absolute favourite thing about this show must be the lace, I love lace, and the gorgeous colours.

Photo credit : Copenhagen Fashion Week®

Gorgeous shirtdresses, knits and cardigans. I’m not really into Karen by Simonsen, but I’m determined to say something nice about every single show I talk about. But let’s get the negative over with, the colours, black, white, silver, nude, they are classics, but I a fan of colour, I would have loved to see some small colour details, or colourful accessories. Though I loved the layering and the knits, they didn’t feel particularly spring like.

And now to the things I do like, I love the shirt dress, that’s longer in the back, the embroidery, the casual off-the shoulder look. And while I doubt that the laptops will be able to hold all my crap, I love the idea, I generally love the details of this show, I just wish there where more.

Photo credit : Copenhagen Fashion Week®

CFW started today, and I can’t wait to see the collections. Unfortunately I’m not going to be home this weekend so I don’t know how much I will be able to post, but I will post my favourites and thoughts on the collections whenever I can.

If you would like to know more about CFW you can visit the official site, you can also find photos of the collections after the shows.