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I won’t have much time for blogging the next couple of weeks, but hopefully I’ll be back in the beginning of August.


It’s been incredibly hot (and humid) in Denmark for the past week, but especially this weekend was horrible, I’ve been spending the past three days in my parents’ house because it has been way too hot to leave the house, fortunately they live in an area with a lot of lakes so I’ve been going for a swim in the evening to cool down.

Photos : paper.lilies | godzundza | dearclaudia

Look at these gorgeous bangles from Leonora Dame, you can get your own text on them and I always love one-of-a-kind objects, they cost $40.00 which in my opinion is a bit much, but after looking closer at them I’m pretty sure with a little DIY you could make them slightly cheaper, just buy some bangles, white stretch tape, sticker paper for your printer and clear varnish.

  • Wrap the bangles in the tape, until they are completely covered.
  • Write whatever word you want (space out the letters so they will be easy to cut out later) in Word (or another program that support multiple fonts), and then give each letter its own font, fairly randomly (you could of course chose whatever fonts you find beautiful), and print on the sticker paper and cut out the letters.
  • Stick the letters to the bangle and to make sure you don’t accidentally pull one off, apply a top coat of clear varnish.

If you have the time you could probably create a bangle for around $20, maybe lower.

While I think you could make the Ransome Note Bangles yourself, there are so many amazing things at Leonora Dame that you couldn’t create with a little DIY.

Like this amazing necklace – Filigree Pendant Necklace $65.00

Alphabet Bracelet $80.00