We usually don’t get any snow in December, but this year, it would appear that it isn’t true anymore. Last weekend we had a batch of beautiful snow and this weekend we had this year’s first snowstorm. It wasn’t too bad, but we are doing a group project at school and my group had agreed to meet on Sunday, but we had to cancel because we couldn’t get around.

When I woke up at eight on Sunday, there was no snow, but when I came back from the bathroom it had started snowing. It wasn’t long until the streets were covered. At about three p.m. it had stopped snowing so I decided to go shopping.

I took the train to Fisketorvet and when I got back out it had started snowing again. While I was waiting on the train the lady in the speakers kept telling people to remove the snow from their shoes before entering the train. There was just one problem; the platform was covered in snow so there wasn’t really any place to do that.


When I got back home a taxi had decided to park on the pavement. I know it was completely covered in snow, but still.


We got about 20 cm of snow between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. so it wasn’t too bad.

2012-12-10 08.33.50


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