Let’s start off this weekend with the song that ended the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars (I admit the show is one of my guilty pleasures).

Oh, I love this pretty sweater, it almost makes me wish that winter wasn’t so far away (I said almost). Via Greedy Girl.

This is such a pretty purse from Mulberry.

It’s getting warmer outside so it’s time to dust off the popsicle recipes.

Delia Lloyd shares 5 traits common among “successful” bloggers.

The prettiest paper flowers I have ever seen.

Five refreshing Summer drinks, yummy.

A guide to a good Summer.

It’s always useful to know how to tie a tie.

173 lunchbox ideas.


I love art, and if we think about it there is art everywhere. Therefore I was especially excited when I found the Book Cover Archive, which has a huge collection of beautiful book covers. I could spend hours on that site just looking at the beauty, but I’ve selected a few of my favourites to show you guys. If you like design and illustration or just art in general, I would suggest you go look at the page yourself.

Esther’s Inheritance  |  The Science of the Bottom Line  |  How I Killed Pluto And Why It Had It Coming  |  Leviathan  |  The Pale King  |  Brute Souls, Happy Beasts, And Evolution  |  The King of Methlehem  |  The Mansion Of Happiness  |  The Crow’s Vow

Man On a Ledge (January 27th)

It’s been getting fairly bad reviews so far, so I’m most likely going to be disappointed with it, but it hasn’t discouraged me yet. If nothing else I’ll just waste an hour or two looking at Sam Worthington I’m fine with that.


The Grey (January 27th)

This movie has Liam Neeson, need I say more?


The Woman in Black (February 3rd)

To be honest I’ve never been a fan of Daniel Radcliffe, I actually find most of his interviews somewhat annoying, but I love both horror movies and period dramas, so I’ll give him another chance.


Safe House (February 10th)

With Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, I dare you to give me an acceptable reason not to love this movie.


Gone (February 24th)

I like Amanda Seyfried’s face. There is nothing else to say.


I guess it is pretty clear that I like to be on the edge of my seat while watching movies. I do love comedies too, but I never really anticipate their release, I usually watch them no earlier than six months after their initial release. There is so many of them, and unfortunately a lot of really bad ones too, so I always read reviews and blog posts before deciding which to watch. This does not apply to British comedies.