Project Memory (Life) 2013

I first discovered project life last spring and I wanted to try it, but I didn’t  have any of the required supplies so I never even got to put a page together before giving up. But at the beginning of november I decided to try again. I found some regular page protectors for 4 10 x 15 cm photos, I didn’t want to invest in the large page protectors if I was just going to abandon it anyway. It turned out to be great, I’ve covered the year from my birthday in June (I got an iPhone and started taking more photos).

I’ve seen it as sort of a testrun, and it turned out really amazing, so I’ve decided to make an album for 2013.

(DISCLAIMER: I only have my iPhone at hand, so the photos will not be of good quality)


I will keep the 30 x 20 cm page protectors (which is pretty much standard A4 for those of you who don’t know), the base of the album will be the page protectors with 4 slots for 10 x 15 cm portrait style photos. I hope to add some baseball card style page protectors. Of course I will add lots of inserts, which I will make from regular page protectors sewn and cut to the right size.

4 x 10x15 page protector

I haven’t decided what kind of album I will use, but my favourite binders (for everything) are the Elba clear presentation ring binders, so until I find anything better/more suited I will keep my pages in that.

The goal is to do a two page spread each week, but I’m not gonna take it too hard if that doesn’t work out. There isn’t any prethought divition of this years album, so that’s okay. What I’ve been trying to do with 2012 was to keep it mostly chronological and keep events together.

I originally planned on making a Blurb book but I don’t have the patience to wait for the end of the year. I want it to lay on my table so I can flip through it, through the year. But I’m gonna keep the idea of designing pages and printing them of as inserts. I did an insert for the US election, mostly because I had decided not to include it, so I didn’t have any free pockets when I changed my mind. So instead I made an insert, which I hope my future kids will look at one day (of course there’s a B side but that’s just a map of the US and the results. The text was stolen from Obama’s official about page).

nov insert USE 02

I hope to try some advanced page designs through the year.

I’m gonna start my 2013 album on december 31st, mainly because it is a monday, but I think it is nice to have New Year’s Eve in the album.


I’m gonna use my iPhone for a lot of pictures, but I hope to start using my DSLR some more again. I do miss taking photos with a “real” camera, and I miss the feeling it gave me, but I still feel fairly silly running around with a large camera, when all I want are snapshots.

I plan on printing the photos at home, that will give me room to play around with formats, and I’m sort of a controlfreak, so it calms me to be able to do it myself (I sound completely insane). I’m using a hp printer and I’ve been playing around with paper. While having the 10 x 15 cm sheets makes it easier to deal with, I’ve been having problems with the edges being cut off, so I think I will fit my prints on a regular A4 photo paper and then cut them out. That way I won’t have to store two different types of photopaper for my inserts either.

I know some people are super dedicated and can keep up with one photo a day, but I know I can’t do that, when I were 18 I tried to do the 365 days on flickr, but I quickly gave up (actually I think I held on for four months). So instead I will just take photos when something interesting comes up, if I don’t take a photo one day, it will be okay.


I plan on adding small notes related to all photos, but I might not journal much. When I have a story to tell, I’ve been adding an insert with a typed up version of the story. I think it is so much easier, and I usually plabber a lot (God, this post is getting long), it also gives me the opportunity to go back and add something if I forget it. I will usually write it up and then leave on the computer for a day or two before printing.


I’ve always kept movie stubs and small things so this project will finally offer me a place to keep all that.


I love the idea of mixed media scrapbooking. I like to play with my photos in photoshop, adding stamps and borders, but I love to add embellishments after they have been printed. It should be mentioned that I like to make my own embellishment digitally and printing them.

2012-12-24 14.05.35

I could never go fully digitally, for the same reason I opted not to go with the blurb book. I need to be able to run my fingers over the pages through the year, and I like the feeling of the divided page protectors (I sound insane again, I know), also I don’t love the look of an all digital page, I like to layer, and that is just not the same with digital.


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