How many new movies do you watch in a year?

I’ve been hanging out on tumblr a lot lately, and there are currently two major challenges going around, the first is to watch 500 episodes (TV series) during 2012 and the other is to watch 365 movies in a year, without rewatches, I must admit that the first challenge is no problem for me at all, I’ve been keeping track of every new episode I’ve watched this year, and I’m already on 73, that’s without trying. If I keep up this pace I will end up with over 900 episodes by the end of this year.

However, the movie challenge is actually difficult for me, because of the length of a feature film and the commitment that brings, I need to be in a certain mood to sit down and watch an entire movie. so far I’ve watched 5 new movies, so I’ve decided that a goal of 100 movies will do for me, there is no reason to set a goal which I know for sure I cannot reach.

But how many movies do other people watch in a year? How many movies do you watch in a year?


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