Tattoo or no tattoo?

I’ve been considering getting a tattoo for a couple of years now. I have four ideas for tattoos I want, but one is really big and should probably not be the first tattoo I get, and the other is a hand tattoo I want to get when I become a mother. Then there are two others, but one is on the back of my neck and the other one is on my forearm, so I wanna be 100% certain I’m ready for it.

I also have an idea of getting a whale, but I don’t know where, maybe on my thigh? Until I decide I can look at photos of wonderful tattoos.

Source: Unknown (Let me know if you recognize any, so I can credit)

  1. Cool pictures!
    No birds or roses please… the deer(?) on the chest was damn cool though!

    • Heidi said:

      However pretty I think roses are, I wouldn’t want a flower tattoo 🙂 No birds either, well maybe a duck, but definitely not a dove. The outline of the deer is actually one of my favourites 🙂

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