You know you look like shit…

when two drunks suddenly starts talking to you on public transportation. Yep, that happened to me last week on my way home from school.

I got on the train which, of course, was packed with people so I just sat down on the floor by the door, which is fine with me. After a couple of stops and middle-aged man gets on with his dog, he was clearly an alcoholic, we were like four feet apart and I could still smell it. Then suddenly out of the blue he starts asking me where I’m going, I’m thinking, “What the…?”, I answer “home?” cause I don’t like telling people where I live, I guess I’m just weird?, then he asks me where that would be, “excuse me but that’s really none of your business” is in my mind but I don’t say stuff like that, so I just end up starring at him as if he just asked me if I had a penis or something all the while praying that he doesn’t get off at the same stop as me. Fortunately he stopped talking to me after that and he did not get off at my stop, phew!

I then thought that I could just go home, but no no, I have to take a bus from the train station to my house, and while I’m sitting on the bus half asleep, some man (who also smelled like an alcoholic) asked me if I didn’t like the music [the radio was on]? “Ehh, it’s fine?” I answer.

To some this might not sound weird but in Denmark you don’t normally start talking to people you don’t know, with the exception of complaining about public transportation being late, again, and maybe, just maybe the weather. You definitely never ask where people are going or where they live, at least not out of the blue. The man on the bus wasn’t really that weird, it was just weird that they both started talking to me on the same day.


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