Let’s Party

Mary-Kate Olsen at the Richard Hambleton Exhibition and After-Party

Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman at the Marc Jacobs and V Magazine Party

Mischa Barton and Harley Viera-Newton at the Marc Jacobs and V Magazine Party (Recognize the dress Harley is wearing?)

Liberty Ross at the “Another Magazine” Party

Chloë Sevigny at the Purple Magazine Dinner.

Lindsay Lohan at the Purple Magazine Dinner

Lauren Santo Domingo at the Boom Boom Room Party

Amanda Hearst at the Boom Boom Room Party

Erin Wasson at the Alexander Wang After-Party

Devon Aoki at the Alexander Wang After-Party

  1. A little off topic maybe, but a request for people to consider the ethics of purchasing items like designer clothes. Do try and think about, for example, the things the item is manufactured from, the conditions of the employees where they’re made and the green credentials of retailers. And try to recycle rather than discarding. Thanks!!!!

    • Heidi said:

      Not anywhere near the topic of this blogpost, and you clearly don’t know anything about me. I find your comment quite offensive (especially the exclamation marks at the end). I own one designer item; a bag I’ve had for five years and I intend to keep it until my stuff starts falling out through holes in the bottom. I recycle as much as I can; paper, cans, bottles etc. I use public transportation, ride my bike, walk, I live in a small apartment, only have the lights on at night when I actually need it. I try to turn the heat off when it’s not cold, unfortunately as I said I live in an apartment and the supplier isn’t optional. I admire those with the willpower to stop eating meat, unfortunately I don’t have that willpower.

      It’s not your job to judge people. Make your own blog about a greener environment, show some respect when you comment on other people’s blogs, take an interest in what their posts are about and comment on topic, that way you give others the opportunity to learn something. Comments like this will only offend and make people hate the cause.

      I hope you can spread the word in a less offensive way.

      Best wishes,

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